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NYC Notary Fees

We travel to your home or business or we can meet you at a Starbuck's, Library, or
another public place that is convenient for you.

Miscellaneous Fees

We offer discount prices for the notarization, commissioning and certification of more than one document by the same person, on the same day, at the same location:

Drafts & Notarization Packages

Packages include drafting and notarization fee:
From $99.00 (+ applicable taxes)

Consent to Travel
Drafting and notarization of consent to travel document for when a child is travelling without one or both parents (includes notarization fee):
From $99.00 (+ applicable taxes)

Letter of Invitation
Drafting a letter of invitation for the purposes of applying for a Canadian or U.S. visitor’s visa (includes notarization fee)
From $99.00 (+ applicable taxes)

Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union
Drafting an affidavit or statutory declaration (includes fee of administering an oath):
From $99.00 (+ applicable taxes)

Statutory Declaration of Marital Status
Drafting an affidavit or statutory declaration (includes fee of administering an oath):
From $99.00 (+ applicable taxes)


For affidavits please provide the purpose of Affidavit and information required to be inputted into affidavit to [email protected] one of our experts will contact you regarding our draft once submitted.

Certified True Copies

First copy certified by a notary public:
$49.00 – $59.00 (+ applicable taxes)

Each subsequent document certified: See above table

E-Document Certification

Certified Copy of Electronic Documents:
$75.00 (+ applicable taxes)

*This includes sealing through the printed copy of the online document, as well as attaching a Notarial Certificate.

Certified Copy of Passport (including every page)

Flat rate for a certified copy of a standard Canadian passport or the equivalent (includes sealing through every page):
From $89.00 (+ applicable taxes)

Note: if only one page is required, the standard notarization fee applies

Authentication & Legalization

Authentication of Documents (where available)
Legalization of Documents (where available):

$149.00 (plus applicable government fees) (+ applicable taxes)
$49.00 for each subsequent authentication
$50.00 for rush Service for authentication with Federal Government
$149.00 (plus applicable foreign government fees)
$49.00 for each subsequent authentication (plus applicable foreign government fees)
249.00 for Russian Files, $99.00 for each subsequent legalization (plus applicable foreign government fees)

Note: Shipping fees to our Ottawa office and to you are additional. If you have an account with a shipping company, please provide us with this number. Bank service charges to obtain money orders or certified cheques to pay for stamps are additional. Any translation or stamp amounts of $250.00 and or more will be charged to your credit card during the process and an administration fee will be applied. Tax is additional to all fees.

Note: In the rare circumstance where documents are declined by a consulate or embassy a fee of $100.00 will be applied to your bill for services rendered such as researching and obtaining information, trips made to the bank, consulate/embassy, and time spent trying to obtain Consular approval.

* Prices subject to change without notice.

Mobile Notary Service

From $199.00 (+ notarization fees and applicable taxes)

Additional fees for waiting time beyond 10 minutes may apply if documents and/or persons signing the documents are not ready at the appointment time.

Please note that the mobile notarization fee will be applied even if the notarization cannot be performed for reasons beyond Red Seal Notary’s control, such as the legal incapacity of any signing party.


Witnesses must be provided for documents which require them by the signer.

No person can be coerced to act as witnesses for any particular document.

It is strongly recommended that you bring witnesses who know you for an extended period of time and can vouch for your identity.

Lieu of guarantor

Includes certification of applicant’s photo, declaration in lieu of guarantor and certification of documents that support the applicant’s identity:
From $69.00 (+ applicable taxes)

Background Checks

Criminal Name Index Check (where available)
$49.00 (+ applicable taxes)

Fingerprinting Services
Electronic Fingerprinting Services (where available):
$55.00 (plus applicable taxes and RCMP fees)

Ink & Roll Fingerprinting Services (where available):
$45.00 (+ applicable taxes)

Visa Processing

Student/Travel Visas:
$149 – $199 (+ applicable taxes)

Business Visas:
$249 – $299 (+ applicable taxes)

Please Note: $50 runner fee will also apply for each Visa applied for.